Game Rules


The aim of the game is to make connected groups of at least 4 adjacent Dropheads of the same color. The larger the groups the more you score.

How to play

The uppermost Drophead of a column can be moved to the top of another column. In just a few moves you can make a group of the same color. Additional Dropheads fall from the top of the playing field but only if your last move does not result in a group being removed. Try making groups with the least amount of moves. If any of the columns reaches the top of the playing field preventing the additional Dropheads to fall, the game is over. You receive a piece of the secret map after every level successfully completed. If all the 10 pieces are collected, you should put them together to find your way to the treasure chest. There are 5 different secret islands awaiting for you!

Special Dropheads (some of them are available only in the downloadable version)

Joker Drophead. It can substitute a Drophead of any color. It will automatically connect to any groups formed next to it.

Voodoo Drophead. It needs to be formed into groups twice to be removed from the playing field. The first time it is grouped it will only lose its voodoo mask but still remains on the playing field.

Cursed Drophead. It canít be touched without lifting the curse. This can be done by removing the group next to it.

Mixer Drophead. Move it to a place just like other Dropheads and it will change the colors of those it falls nearby.

Column Remover Drophead. Just move it to the top of the column you want to be removed and it will do rest for you. Magic Voodoo Drophead. It needs to be grouped three times to be removed from the playing field. Balloon Drophead. It blows away the Dropheads around it when it is dropped.

A few hints for successful playing

Get the floating treasure box to reach the island to proceed to the next level. You will be rewarded with another piece of the secret map as well.

Make connected groups of as many Dropheads as you can. The more Dropheads you connect the faster you complete the level you are playing.

The game is saved when a new level starts. Next time you can continue playing from the last level successfully completed.

Keep an eye on the columns reaching the top. Try to clear them quickly.

Move Dropheads of the same color next to each other, for them to have a better chance of forming connected groups when new ones are falling from above.

Watch those Dropheads that appear in the uppermost row. They may fall into a group right away.

You get a Combo Bonus for any subsequent groups formed by falling Dropheads after successfully removing a group by your previous move.

The only way to get rid of the Cursed Black Drophead is to make groups next to it that will transform it into a regular one.

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