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Shooting Games:

Check out all the Shooting Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.


Varas Shoot the shapes before they run into you! Get power-ups to help you blast them to bits! How long can you last?

Insect Onslaught

Insect Onslaught Destroy the flowers and the insects that are spawned from them! Blast down the insects with upgradeable weapons as you protect yourself.


Adaptation Keep the letters from reaching the bottom of the screen by shooting! If they shoot you, you will adapt to be like them and shoot like they do.


Crawl Creepy alien slugs are attacking you from all directions, blast them to bits to keep them at bay! How long can you survive?

Vector Invasion

Vector Invasion Shoot and destroy the colorful invading vectors! Collect the debris they leave behind for points and to make your own ship stronger.

Dragon Hit Cube

Dragon Hit Cube Help the dragon collect tasty fruit out of the ice cubes! Breathe fire on the cubes to free the fruit. Don't get hit with the ice.

Warning Foregone

Warning Foregone Beat increasingly harder bosses as they adapt, stage by stage, to your tactics and purposefully upgrade those weapons that annoy you the most!

Balls Chemical Experiment

Balls Chemical Experiment Shoot balls to hit same-colored buttons in the right order to create the correct chemical combinations! Shoot colored blocks to change cannons.

Think Tanks

Think Tanks Destroy the other tanks before they destroy you! Aim well; bullets ricochet and any can harm you. Collect coins from fallen tanks for upgrades.


Dromad Kill the oncoming enemies and collect the little yellow souls they leave behind! Longer gameplay brings stronger enemies and stronger weapons.

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